Membership Policy

CARRFS Membership

CARRFS is a network of public health stakeholders interested in working together to build and strengthen the capacity for regional/local chronic disease risk factor surveillance in Canada with the vision to develop sustainable and effective regional/local collection, analysis, interpretation and use of risk factor data to inform program and policy decisions in Canada.


Membership in CARRFS is open to public health stakeholders (professionals and students) who have an interest in building capacity at the regional/local area for chronic disease risk factor surveillance in Canada.


To become a member of CARRFS, stakeholders are invited to contact Mary Lou Decou.


The personal information submitted on the membership registration forms is only used for administrative purposes and in summary form (expertise, geographic location, and areas of interest, for use in training, communication and membership strategic planning). It will be used to contact members for CARRFS-related reasons only.

Membership Profile

A membership profile is completed when registering as a CARRFS member and it’s the responsibility of each member to keep their profile information current to ensure they receive future CARRFS’ notifications and information. Any questions or concerns related to member profile information, please contact Mary Lou Decou.

Inactive Membership

Any correspondence with a CARRFS member consistently returned within a 2 year period will be considered inactive. The two year period will commence and terminate with the calendar year.


The Canadian Coordination Committee reserves the right to refuse or withdraw membership in CARRFS if:

  1. Actions or statements are contrary to the provisions of CARRFS mission, vision, and goals.
  2. Actions or statements are detrimental to the well-being of CARRFS and its members.